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At the Law Office of Todd J. Bullion I take hard cases and win. I have successfully defended New Mexicans against serious felony charges that put my clients’ life and freedom at stake obtaining probationary sentences, outright dismissal of charges and not guilty verdicts when clients were facing significant time in prison if they did not win. My experience as a former prosecutor in both Bernalillo and Santa Fe Counties has been invaluable in helping me understand how police and the government investigate crimes and prosecute cases. If and when they make a mistake or do not follow the law I have the experience to spot these mistakes and take advantage of them for my clients.I have also stood up to police agencies, CYFD, and some of the largest healthcare providers in New Mexico and successfully obtained compensation in the form of million dollar plus settlements for my clients in cases of wrongful death, medical malpractice and civil rights violations.

We also take pride in representing clients through divorce cases and child custody disputes. We know that these cases in particular can be some of the hardest things a person can deal with because nothing is more important than family.

Providing skilled representation in the hardest times of a client’s life is what I strive to do. Whether my client has been charged with a crime and I am able to help them go home to their family, acquiring money to compensate clients who have been harmed by healthcare providers, holding police accountable for the use of excessive force, and helping parents spend quality time with their children, all of these experiences provide an extremely satisfying feeling because we know I’ve made a positive difference in my client’s life.

If you have a legal problem, you need help with please call or text me at 505-494-4656 or email me at I will discuss your legal issue with you with compassion and respect identify what I can do to help.

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